Milan, Italy – In celebration of Labor Day, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Milan started its webinar series for the month of May with a session covering Italian laws and legal remedies that Filipino workers should be aware of when involved in work-related accidents. The online seminar was held via Zoom on 01 May 2021 with Atty. Paul Sombilla as the resource person. Atty. Sombilla is the first Filipino lawyer to practice his profession in Italy.

Philippine Consul General in Milan, Italy Hon. Bernadette Therese C. Fernandez formally opened the session, expressing her appreciation to workers who are contributing to development all over the world. Noting that occupational accidents and diseases acquired due to work may inevitably occur, she enjoined the participants to listen well as it is important that workers are aware of their rights and the available legal remedies for work-related accidents.

In his talk, Atty. Sombilla focused on the rights and remedies of domestic workers in cases of accident at work which resulted in severe injury or death. He discussed relevant laws, namely, Legge n. 339/1958 (per la tutela del rapporto domestico), a law made for the protection of domestic workers, and DL 81/2008, a law which deals with the health and safety of workers, excluding domestic workers. Atty. Sombilla also talked about claims and damages as well as case studies and their respective resolutions. Participants were also able to raise their questions to Atty. Sombilla following his discussion.

The webinar has been broadcasted live through the POLO Milan Facebook Page and has been garnered 2,700 views since its publication. The same session may be viewed anytime through POLO Milan’s social media accounts.