To kickoff the Webinar Series of POLO Milan for the month of July, a session entitled Usapang Cyberlibel was held via Zoom on 11 July 2021 with Atty. Anna de Guzman-Cabasa as the Resource Person.

Noting that we are living in the digital age and that OFWs are now more vulnerable to encountering issues online, Labor Attache Buñag shared that the webinar is envisioned to provide essential information to OFWs on how to navigate the online world and to introduce strategies on digital security which would also protect them when using online tools.

 Atty. De Guzman-Cabasa provided a backgrounder on Republic Act No. 10175, otherwise known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which was enacted to inform the public and raise awareness on activities that could be considered as cybercrimes. She also provided practical tips on data protection such as being careful with the disposal of personal records or documents, using encrypted data storage devices, installing anti-malware software, ensuring that computer systems are updated, and choosing a strong password, among others.

Focusing on Cyberlibel, the resource person expounded on the definition of libel and how it can be construed as a cybercrime. She also answered questions that deal with situations which may be considered as cyberlibel such as sharing libelous posts, inclusion of images in the coverage of cyberlibel, and debt collection. Lastly, she provided a guide on how to defend one’s self if a case is filed against them as well as how to file a case if they find themselves as the subject of a libelous post.

The webinar has been broadcasted through the POLO Milan Facebook Page and has been viewed 3,300 times to date. Participants during the live Zoom session included OFWs from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.