Milan, Italy – As part of the webinar series for the month of July of POLO Milan, a one-time online course covering the Basics of Mobile Photography was uploaded on the POLO Facebook page on 18 July 2021 with Mr. Ron Malicsi as the Resource Person.

In the webinar, Mr. Malicsi highlighted how our mobile phones have become part of our everyday lives, noting that we always carry it even when working or eating. He shared detailed tips and strategies on how to use mobile phones for photography, discussing photography concepts such as light, exposure, shutter speed, and angles. In addition, Mr. Malicsi also discussed basic tips on how to edit photos through the use of Lightroom and other photo-editing apps.

The webinar has been broadcasted live through the POLO Milan Facebook Page and has been viewed 991 times since its publication. The same course may be viewed anytime through POLO Milan’s social media accounts.