Milan, Italy – In a live webinar last 23 October 2021, POLO Milan officers provided an online orientation on the latest IATF protocols on entry, swabbing, and quarantine for OFWs in its jurisdictions. IATF Resolution no. 144 was issued on 14 October 2021 detailing the policies for green, yellow, and red-listed countries.

Stressing the importance for OFWs to be aware and informed particularly for those who are planning to go home to the Philippines, Labor Attaché Buñag enjoined the viewers to listen attentively to ensure that their return to the country will be smooth. She started with a presentation of the Green, Yellow, and Red List of Countries for the period of 16-31 October 2021.

Following this, POLO officers discussed the specific swabbing requirements and quarantine protocols as well as the accepted proof of vaccination to ascertain the vaccination status of returning Filipinos. Viewers were also informed that those travelling with unvaccinated/partially vaccinated minors will have to follow the protocol for the vaccination status of the minor.

The webinar has been live streamed on the POLO Milan Facebook page and has reached 10,400 people. Participants during the live Zoom session included OFWs from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.