Milan, Italy – As part of its webinar series for the month of May, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Milan held a session entitled, “Usapang Medikal: Physical and Mental Wellness of Workers during this Pandemic,” last 16 June 2021 with guest speaker Dr. Lorenza Frontini. The webinar aims to equip the participants with adequate knowledge and practical tips on how to deal with stress and how they can take care of their physical and mental wellbeing particularly while we are in the middle of the pandemic.

Dr. Frontini talked about pandemic fatigue which is being experienced by people in view of the continuing stress the COVID-10 pandemic is causing, the manifestations of which include unpleasant feelings, weakness in the body, and incessant thoughts about uncertainties. She assured participants that those who are struggling with stress are not alone, and that many are experiencing the same thing. She also discussed how these manifestations can lead to burnout which can negatively affect our behavior.

Following this, Dr. Frontini shared tools on how to deal with stress such as grounding, meditation, and journaling. Lastly, she reminded participants to be kind to themselves and to focus on good things.

This particular webinar has generated 1,500 views and has been broadcasted live through the POLO Milan Facebook page. Participants of the webinar included OFWs from different parts of Europe, including Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, and Bulgaria.